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The Politics of Donating September 10, 2012

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Anybody that knows me knows that politics are not my forté.  In fact, I find the entire campaign season about as compelling as watching ’90s reruns of the (not so) riveting Power Rangers.  Point blank, I just don’t care too much for a lot of dramatics and high-flying antics.

However, this past August, The Chronicle of Philanthropy released an interesting report called, “How America Gives.”

How America Gives

Photo Credit: Ma’ayan Rosenzweig, ABC News

As its name suggests, this study provides an in-depth look at individual giving across the country; segmenting the data in a variety of ways including along political party lines.  If your nonprofit is interested in beefing up the way in which you engage individual donors, then this report is for you.

Click here to read the entire report and access the online interactive tool to learn more about individual giving trends in your nonprofit’s community.


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